E T S Praxis Series

Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (0014/5014)

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Sample Test Questions

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  1. The correct answer is B. In literature the word "dust" is often associated with death because life forms decay into soil after death. A metaphor is figurative language that connects one image or idea with another.

  2. The correct answer is C. The word "transitory" refers to change, and the speaker mentions a desire to reject things that turn to dust, acquire dust, and start to fade. These are all types of change.

  3. The correct answer is C. Research shows that parents' reading aloud to children during the preschool years is the most influential home literacy activity and is especially beneficial when children are active participants.

  4. The correct answer is D. The entries in outlines generally present a main idea followed by a hierarchical arrangement of subordinate ideas.

  5. The correct answer is D. "Tallest" is in the superlative degree which is used when comparing more than two things. "Taller" is the correct word to use since it is in the comparative degree.

  6. The correct answer is D. Authorities agree that effective listening is not a natural ability but requires study and practice.

  7. The correct answer is B. Percent refers to "how many out of one hundred" or, in decimal form, "how many hundredths." To find a percent, divide the group (20) by the total (46) and round the decimal to the hundredths place (0.43). This is 43 hundredths or 43/100 or 43%.

  8. The correct answer is C. The exponent 4 tells how many times to multiply the base 8 by itself. In this case, 84 = 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 or 4,096.

  9. The correct answer is D. This can be shown algebraically as follows. Given that 10y = x, then 10 times 2y equals 20y, which is 2 times x. Thus, when the value of y is doubled, the value of x is doubled.

  10. The correct answer is B. The rectangle has length 10 and width 4; so its area is 40. The triangle can be thought of as having a base 4 and an altitude of 6. Its area is 1/2 x 4 x 6, or 12. The combined area is therefore 40 + 12, or 52.

  11. The correct answer is A. A circle graph of percents represents 100% of a group. So, to find the percent of violet gems, subtract the total percent of the other colors, 96%, from 100% to get 4%. Since 4% or 4/100 of the gems are violet, 2 out of the total of 50 gems are violet. This can be determined by multiplying 50 by 4% or 0.04, or by setting up equivalent fractions: 4/100 = 2/50.

  12. The correct answer is A. Mount Rainier is located in the state of Washington. The greatest single-peak glacial system in the United States radiates from this dormant volcano in the Cascade Mountains.

  13. The correct answer is C. During the Ice Age, the level of the water in the Pacific Ocean lowered, exposing a land bridge across the Bering Strait. The cold northern climate encouraged many people to migrate throughout the continent in search of better living conditions.

  14. The correct answer is C. The creation of a third party in national politics would be a political action, not one of civil rights.

  15. The correct answer is D. Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States says, "The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People... ." All members of the House are elected at the same time every two years.

  16. The correct answer is B. In the fifteenth century AD, explorers from Portugal encountered the social system of India and called these groups castes. As time went on, the four basic castes gradually grew more complex, with hundreds of subdivisions.

  17. The correct answer is B. Since the numbers on the left side of the graph increase from bottom to top, it is a matter of determining how many shaded bars are higher than their corresponding striped bars.

  18. The correct answer is choice A. Volcanic activity is the only process by which material from inside the Earth is brought to the surface. The other processes are means of wearing down Earth's surface.

  19. The correct answer is B. At the first lunar quarter the sun, Earth, and moon form a right triangle, with Earth at the right angle, so that the half of the moon facing Earth appears half lighted and half dark.

  20. The correct answer is B. Perspiring is an adaptation that allows mammals to lose heat. When the body temperature rises, sweat is produced. As the water in the sweat evaporates, the skin is cooled, not warmed.

  21. The correct answer is D. In a vacuum, the only external force acting on each of the objects would be the gravitational force of the Earth. This gravitational force is equal to Mg, where M is the object's mass and g is the constant acceleration of gravity (9.8 meters per second squared). According to Newton's second law, the acceleration a of an object times its mass is equal to the external force acting on it. For this situation, Newton's second law gives Ma = Mg, or a = g. Thus, in a vacuum all objects fall freely with the same constant acceleration g regardless of their mass.

  22. The correct answer is A. To find the volume of a large rectangular block of wood, first use the metric ruler to find the length, width, and height of the block. Then use the formula for the volume of a rectangular solid — length x width x height — to determine the volume.

  23. The correct answer is C. A hypothesis is a best guess or a possible explanation of a scientific problem. Scientific experimentation can either support or refute the hypothesis.

  24. The correct answer is A. When putting living things into a biological classification scheme, the broadest category is kingdom, followed by phylum, class, order, family, genus, and finally species.