E T S Praxis Series

English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge (0041)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below.

Current section: II. Language and Linguistics

II. Language and Linguistics

  1. Understanding the principles of first- and second-language acquisition and development, including social, cultural, and historical influences and the nature of dialects

  2. Understanding elements of the history, development, and structure of the English language, including linguistic change, etymology, and processes of word formation

  3. Understanding and applying the conventions of grammar, mechanics, and usage, e.g., syntax, sentence types, sentence structure, parts of speech, modifiers, phrases and clauses, capitalization, and punctuation

  4. Understanding the elements of semantics, e.g., ambiguity, euphemism, connotation, and jargon, and how these elements affectmeaning