E T S Praxis Series

Middle School English Language Arts (0049)

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Current section: I. Reading and Literature Study

I. Reading and Literature Study

Reading and Literature Study

  1. Knowing the major works and authors of literature appropriate for adolescents
  1. Paraphrasing, comparing, and interpreting (literally and inferentially) various types of print and nonprint texts, e.g., fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and graphic representations
  1. Identifying and interpreting figurative language and other literary elements, e.g., voice, point of view, style, tone, diction, allusions, irony, clichès, simile, metaphor, analogy, character, setting, theme, plot
  1. Identifying the characteristics of literary forms and text structures, e.g., poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama
  1. Locating and interpreting literature within historical and cultural contexts
  1. Recognizing various critical approaches to interpreting text, e.g., shared inquiry and reader-response theory
  1. Recognizing and applying various strategic approaches to teaching reading, e.g., cueing systems, activating prior knowledge, constructing meaning through context, and employing metacognitive strategies