E T S Praxis Series

Middle School Mathematics (0069)

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Test at a Glance

Test Name: Middle School Mathematics
Test Code: 0069
Time: 2 hours
Number of Questions: 40 multiple-choice (Part A); 3 short constructed response (Part B)
Format: Multiple-choice questions and constructed-response questions, graphing calculator allowed; calculators with QWERTY keyboards not allowed
Weighting: Multiple-choice: 67% of total score; Short constructed-response: 33% of total score
Content Categories Approximate Number of Questions Approximate Percentage of Examination
I. Arithmetic and Basic Algebra 12 20%
II. Geometry and Measurement 10 17%
III. Functions and Their Graphs 8 13%
IV. Data, Probability, and Statistical Concepts; Discrete Mathematics 10 17%
V. Problem-Solving Exercises 3 (constructed response) 33%
Process Categories (Distributed Across Content Categories)
Mathematical Problem Solving
Mathematical Reasoning and Proof
Mathematical Connections
Mathematical Representation
Use of Technology
Pacing and Special Tips: In allocating time on this assessment, you should plan to spend about 80 minutes on the multiple-choice section and about 40 minutes on the constructed-response section; the sections are not independently timed.