E T S Praxis Series

Social Studies: Content Knowledge (0081)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below.

Current section: I. United States History

III. Government/Civics/Political Science

  • Understands Political Theory: major political concepts, major political theorists, political orientations (e.g., liberal, conservative).
  • Understands United States Government and Politics: constitutional underpinnings; federalism; powers, structure, and processes of national political institutions; civil liberties and civil rights, political beliefs and behaviors; electoral process, political parties, interest groups, and mass media.
  • Understands Comparative Politics and International Relations: forms of government (e.g., parliamentary, federal); major regime types (e.g., democracy, autocracy); major types of electoral systems; foreign policy; the theories of international relations (e.g., realism, liberalism); international relations in practice (e.g., conflict, cooperation, diplomacy); power and problems of international organizations and international law.