E T S Praxis Series

Middle School Social Studies (0089)

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About This Test

The Middle School Social Studies test assesses the knowledge and skills necessary for a beginning middle school social studies teacher. The test is based on the understanding and application of social studies knowledge, concepts, methodologies, and skills across the fields of United States History, World History, Government/Civics, Geography and Economics. Some of the multiple-choice and all of the short essay questions are interdisciplinary, reflecting the complex relationship among the social studies fields. Some questions are based on interpreting stimulus material such as written passages, maps, charts, graphs, tables, cartoons, diagrams and photographs.

The three equally weighted short-answer/essay questions will focus on important historical events and issues as well as on fundamental social studies concepts. These questions, which should take about 10 minutes each to complete and will together comprise 25% of the examinee's score, will emphasize the exercise of critical thinking skills, requiring the reading and interpreting of social studies materials (such as maps, charts, quotations), drawing inferences from such materials, and placing these materials in their historical, geographical, political, and economic contexts. The 90 equally weighted multiple-choice questions will constitute 75% of the examinee's score.

This test may contain some questions that will not count toward your score.