E T S Praxis Series

Middle School Social Studies (0089)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below.

Current section: III. Government/Civics

III. Government/Civics

  1. United States Government and Civics

    • Understands the key concepts and ideas on which the United States government is based (e.g., popular sovereignty, separation of powers, rule of law).
    • Understands federalism and the basic relationship between the states and the national government.
    • Understands the origins, development, interpretations and ongoing impact of the United States Constitution.
    • Understands the origin, role and interactions of the three branches of the federal government.
    • Understands the development and political impact of civil rights and civil liberties in the United States.
    • Understands how the election process operates in the United States.
    • Understands the role of political parties, interest groups and the media in the political process.
    • Understand the rights, responsibilities and duties of citizens.
  1. Comparative Government and International Relations

    • Understands the major characteristics of different political systems (e.g., democracy, republic, totalitarianism).
    • Understands the relationship between political systems and economic conditions.