E T S Praxis Series

Middle School Social Studies (0089)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below.

Current section: IV. Geography

IV. Geography

  1. Geographic Literacy

    • Understands relative and absolute location and the physical and human characteristics of "place"
    • Understands how to utilize characteristics to identify regions.
  1. Map Skills

    • Understands and interprets various types of maps.
    • Understands latitude and longitude.
    • Understands spatial patterns and their meanings.
    • Is familiar with recent technological sources of geographic information.
  1. Physical Geography

    • Demonstrates knowledge of various types of physical features on the Earth's surface.
    • Understands the interrelationship between the environment and human activity.
    • Knows the physical processes related to the formation of geographic features.
    • Knows the basic pattern of climate, ecosystems and natural resources.
  1. Human Geography

    • Knows spatial patterns of culture and economic activities.
    • Understands basic population patterns.
    • Understands basic patterns of land use.
    • Understands patterns and interrelationships of migration, trade and diffusion of ideas.
    • Knows basic concepts of political geography.
    • Understands how culture and cultural change, human adaptation and diversity influence human behavior.