E T S Praxis Series

Middle School Content Knowledge (0146/5146)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below. Within each content area, the approximate percentage of examination questions is shown for each topic.

Current section: I. Literature and Language Studies

I. Literature and Language Studies

Focus is on literature, language, and components of written and oral communication. Literature includes both expository and narrative texts and the written materials of all disciplines. Language Studies includes the processes of language development and the uses of language in written and oral communication. Questions allow examinees to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of literature and language as well as their ability to think critically about relevant problems and to apply the principles of the language arts within diverse contexts.

  1. Literature (35%)
    1. literary concepts, conventions, terminology
    2. assumptions and conventions of primary literary genres, including children's literature
    3. social/historical contexts as they relate to literature
    4. approaches to reading and interpreting literature
  1. Language and linguistics (30%)
    1. basic stages of language development, including factors that enhance or inhibit this development
    2. historical and cultural influences on the evolution of standard American English
    3. principles of linguistics in analyzing various textual contexts
    4. integration of language across disciplines
  1. Oral and written communication (35%)
    1. application of communication skills to analysis and production of written text
    2. application of communication skills to analysis of oral discourse
    3. rhetorical conventions of narration, exposition, reflection, and argumentation
    4. retrieval of information from print and nonprint sources
    5. interpretation of the written reports of research