E T S Praxis Series

Speech-Language Pathology (0330)

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Topics Covered

The following list represents the topics covered in editions of the test that are currently being administered. These topics are consistent with standards for clinical certification set by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Current section: I. Basic Human Communication

I. Basic Human Communication

  1. Language acquisition and learning theory
    1. typical development of speech and language
    1. developmental norms in phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics
    1. theoretical models of learning related to language and cognition
    1. behavior management and modification
    1. cognitive development
    1. developmental, motor, and linguistic processes
  1. Language science
    1. the structure of language
    1. the phonological representations and phonetic realizations of speech sounds
    1. phonological theory as it relates to typical development
    1. grammatical categories
    1. morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, as these fields relate to typical language processing and production
  1. Learning theory
    1. theoretical models of learning related to language and the effective treatment of disorders
    1. models of behavior management and modification
    1. theories of cognitive development
  1. Multicultural awareness
    1. applications of theoretical models of language in society to a variety of linguistic and cultural groups
    1. cultural and socioeconomic factors that influence speech and language
    1. communicative differences between speakers of the same language, including idiolectal and dialectal distinctions
    1. differentiation between first language/dialect interference and speech/language disorders
    1. cultural differences in the use of nonverbal communication
  1. Speech science
    1. speech perception
    1. physiological phonetics
    1. acoustic phonetics
    1. anatomy and physiology, as related to the production, reception, and processing of speech, language, and hearing
    1. neural bases of speech and hearing