E T S Praxis Series

Speech-Language Pathology (0330)

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Topics Covered

The following list represents the topics covered in editions of the test that are currently being administered. These topics are consistent with standards for clinical certification set by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Current section: V. Audiology/Hearing

V. Audiology/Hearing

  1. Hearing science
    1. principles of hearing
    1. anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanism
    1. congenital and acquired hearing loss in children and adults
  1. Audiological assessment
    1. hearing screening for clients of all ages
    1. interpretation of audiograms and tympanograms
    1. referrals to appropriate professionals
  1. Auditory habilitation and rehabilitation
    1. intervention for clients with hearing loss
    1. intervention for clients using hearing technology, e.g., cochlear implants
    1. issues of intervention relevant to the practice of speech-language pathology