E T S Praxis Series

Speech-Language Pathology (0330)

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Topics Covered

The following list represents the topics covered in editions of the test that are currently being administered. These topics are consistent with standards for clinical certification set by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Current section: VII. Professional Issues/Psychometrics/Research

VII. Professional Issues/Psychometrics/Research

  1. Ethical practices
    1. understanding standards for professional conduct
    1. making referrals, obtaining permissions, keeping and using client records
    1. ensuring client privacy
    1. handling staffing issues in a professional and legally prudent manner
  1. Research methodology/psychometrics
    1. criteria for selection of test materials
    1. determining the reliability of assessment procedures
    1. models of research design
    1. test construction principles
  1. Standards and laws
    1. designing appropriate assessment and treatment through knowledge of governmental regulations and professional standards
    1. federal laws and regulations impacting delivery of services
    1. reporting requirements of governmental agencies