E T S Praxis Series

Education of Exceptional Students: Core Content Knowledge (0353)

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Topics Covered

Descriptions of each of the content areas covered by the test are provided below. Not every subtopic in a given content area appears on any one form of the test, but every form of the test contains questions on a broad range of subtopics.

Current section: II. Legal and Societal Issues

II. Legal and Societal Issues

  1. Federal laws and legal issues related to special education, including
    1. IDEA 2004
    2. Section 504
    3. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    4. Important legal issues, such as those raised by the following cases: Rowley re: program appropriateness, Tatro re: related services, Honig re: discipline, Oberti re: inclusion
  1. The school's connections with the families, prospective and actual employers, and communities of students with disabilities, for example:
    1. teacher advocacy for students and families, developing student self-advocacy
    2. parent partnerships and roles
    3. public attitudes toward individuals with disabilities
    4. cultural and community influences on public attitudes toward individuals with disabilities
    5. interagency agreements
    6. cooperative nature of the transition planning process
  1. Historical movements/trends affecting the connections between special education and the larger society, for example:
    1. deinstitutionalization and community-based placements
    2. inclusion
    3. application of technology
    4. transition
    5. advocacy
    6. accountability and meeting educational standards