E T S Praxis Series

Middle School Science (0439)

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Sample Test Questions

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The sample questions that follow illustrate the types of questions in the test. They are not, however, representative of the entire scope of the test in either content or difficulty. Answers with explanations follow the questions.

Directions:  Each of the questions or incomplete statements below is followed by four suggested answers or completions. Select the one that is best in each case.

  1. According to some scientists, the Earth's average surface temperature is rising as a result of the greenhouse effect. An increase in the atmospheric concentration of which of the following gases is considered to be primarily responsible?

    1. Nitrogen
    2. Oxygen
    3. Sulfur dioxide
    4. Carbon dioxide
  2. Finding that a solution conducts an electric current shows conclusively that the solution

    1. has a high boiling point
    2. contains molecules
    3. is a good oxidizing agent
    4. contains ions
    1. Boron atom, atomic number 5, atomic mass 13
    2. Carbon atom, atomic number 6, atomic mass 11
    3. Carbon atom, atomic number 6, atomic mass 12
    4. Nitrogen atom, atomic number 7, atomic mass 13
    Consider the atoms described below. Which of the following are isotopes of each other?
    1. I and IV only
    2. II and III only
    3. II and IV only
    4. III and IV only
  3. Some substances have no noticeable odor because these substances

    1. are soluble in water
    2. cannot lose the heat that must be lost before an odor can be detected
    3. have relatively few molecules escaping into the air
    4. do not have molecules with one of the two molecular arrangements required to give an odor
  4. Several vehicles, initially at a complete stop, begin a long race at the same starting point. The vehicle that has a constant value for which of the following is most likely to win?

    1. Linear speed
    2. Linear velocity
    3. Linear acceleration
    4. Momentum
  5. Which of the following statements is true of hurricanes but not of tornadoes?

    1. They form only over warm oceans.
    2. They have very high winds.
    3. They may cause great property damage.
    4. They may cause human fatalities.
  6. The agent most widely and most consistently at work changing the appearance of the Earth's surface is

    1. fire
    2. volcanism
    3. water
    4. wind
  7. A gelatinous sample of material from a previously unexplored marine environment is thought to be living or to be composed of recently living material. Which of the following would most clearly confirm that the material has a biological origin?

    1. The presence of cells in the sample
    2. The presence of hydrogen in the sample
    3. Diffusion of material out of the sample
    4. Movement of the sample
  8. Which of the following is most directly involved with controlling levels of sugar in blood?

    1. Hemoglobin
    2. Calcitonin
    3. Thyroid-stimulating hormone
    4. Insulin
  9. In which of the following is the battery short-circuited?

    Question 10 includes four diagrams--one for each possible answer--that shows circuits in which the resistance and bulb are in different locations. In each illustration the battery is located on the left side of the diagram.

    1. In answer A, the bulb is located directly opposite side the battery and no resistance is present.

    2. In answer B, the bulb is located directly opposite the battery and resistance is located at the top-right part of the circuit. The circuit is divided into two sections, with the division occurring between the battery and the resistance.

    3. In answer C, the bulb is located directly opposite the battery and resistance is located in two places--along the top and bottom of the circuit.

    4. In answer D, the bulb is located at the top-right part of the circuit and resistance is located in two places--between the battery and bulb and along the right side of the circuit.
  10. A piece of paper that appears blue in sunlight is illuminated solely by a red light that is passed through a green filter. What color does the paper appear under this illumination?

    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. Red
    4. Black
  11. What quantity of oxygen, O2, contains very nearly the same number of molecules as 36.0 grams of water, H2O?

    1. 64.0 grams
    2. 32.0 grams
    3. 16.0 grams
    4. 8.0 grams

In an experiment to study the effect of a new fertilizer on the growth of tall hybrid corn and dwarf hybrid corn, from immediately after germination to ten days of growth, the data below were obtained. Other growing conditions such as water and sunlight were the same for both groups.

  1. Which of the following is the most reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from the data above?

    1. The new fertilizer influences the growth of both corn varieties tested.
    2. The new fertilizer causes faster growth rate for both varieties than do other fertilizers.
    3. The new fertilizer improves the root system of the tall hybrid to a greater extent than it does that of the dwarf hybrid.
    4. The new fertilizer is effective in producing faster growth for both varieties for the first ten days only.
  2. The Earth's seasons can be attributed primarily to which of the following in conjunction with its revolution about the Sun?

    1. The tilt of the Earth's axis of rotation relative to the ecliptic
    2. The varying amount of sunspot activity
    3. The Earth's orbit about the Sun as an eclipse rather than a circle
    4. The rotation of the Earth during a 24-hour day
  3. Of the following, which atom has the smallest atomic radius?

    1. S
    2. Al
    3. Na
    4. Ba
  4. Animals in which of the following groups may have a backbone and a spinal cord?

    1. Mollusks
    2. Chordates
    3. Invertebrates
    4. Echinoderms
  5. Which of the following parts of the Sun is easily visible only during a total solar eclipse?

    1. Core
    2. Photosphere
    3. Sunspots
    4. Corona
  6. The true length of a block of wood is 1.010 cm. Three measurements of this block produced the following values: 1.4 cm, 1.2 cm, and 0.9 cm. Which of the following statements is true concerning these measurements?

    1. They are precise and accurate.
    2. They are precise but not accurate.
    3. The are accurate but not precise.
    4. They are neither precise nor accurate.