E T S Praxis Series

Middle School Science (0439)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below.

Current section: I. Scientific Methodology,Techniques, and History

I. Scientific Methodology, Techniques, and History

  1. Methodology and Philosophy
    1. Demonstrate understanding of scientific methods of problem solving
    1. Distinguish among scientific facts, models, theories and laws
    1. Use science process skills in experiments and investigations, and to solve problems
    1. Demonstrate understanding of experimental design
    1. Demonstrate knowledge of the historical roots of science
    1. Demonstrate understanding of the unified, integrative nature of the various disciplines and concepts in science
  1. Mathematics, Measurement, and Data Manipulation
    1. Demonstrate understanding of scientific measurement and notation systems
    1. Demonstrate understanding of processes involved in scientific data collection, manipulation, interpretation, and presentation
    1. Interpret and draw conclusions from data, including those presented in tables, graphs, maps, and charts
    1. Identify and demonstrate an understanding of sources of error in data that is presented
  1. Laboratory Procedures and Safety
    1. Demonstrate understanding of procedures for safe preparation, storage, use, and disposal of laboratory and field materials
    1. Identify laboratory and field equipment appropriate for scientific procedures
    1. Demonstrate knowledge of safety and emergency procedures for the science classroom and laboratory