E T S Praxis Series

Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (0511)

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System Requirements

Several of the web pages on this website include mathematical content formatted with MathML. For proper display of mathematical formulas, users must either use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers to view this website. Additional plug-ins or fonts may be required so please follow the instructions below as they apply to your browser of choice.

Mac Users

Safari will not accurately display all mathematical formulas contained in this website. Safari users must download Firefox in order to view this website properly.

Mozilla Firefox for Mac: 1.5 or higher
Mozilla Math Fonts for Mac
TeX Fonts for Mac

In the right hand column of the Mozilla MathML Fonts page under "Fonts to Install", select the link to download the Mac installer. Should you encounter a dialog box stating that fonts CMEX10 and CMSY10 are missing, please download TeX-fonts.zip and follow the instructions for Mac OS X users to install.

Windows Users

Internet Explorer: 6.0 or higher
MathPlayer by Design Science

Users are required to register at the Design Science website for a free download of MathPlayer. Follow the instructions provided by Design Science for proper installation. When viewing the sample test questions and answers, when prompted, you must allow your browser to run scripts or ActiveX content to enable MathPlayer to display the correct mathematical equations.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows: 1.5 or higher
Mozilla Math Fonts for Windows

Step 1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox for Windows.
Step 2. Download and install Mozilla MathML fonts for Windows.