E T S Praxis Series

Principles of Learning and Teaching: Early Childhood (0521)

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Topics Covered

Current section: I. Students as Learners

IV. Profession and Community

  1. The Reflective Practitioner
    1. Types of resources available for professional development and learning
      • Professional literature
      • Colleagues
      • Professional associations
      • Professional-development activities
    1. Ability to read, understand, and apply articles and books about current research, views, ideas, and debates regarding best teaching practices
    1. Ongoing personal reflection on teaching and learning practices as a basis for making professional decisions
      • Code of Ethics
      • Advocacy for learners
  1. The Larger Community
    1. Role of the school as a resource to the larger community
      • Teachers as a resource
    1. Factors in the students' environment outside of school (family circumstances, community environments, health and economic conditions) that may influence students' life and learning
    1. Develop and utilize active partnerships among teachers, parents/guardians, and leaders in the community to support the educational process
      • Shared ownership
      • Shared decision making
      • Respectful/reciprocal communication
    1. Major laws related to students' rights and teacher responsibilities
      • Equal education
      • Appropriate education for students with special needs
      • Confidentiality and privacy
      • Appropriate treatment of students
      • Reporting in situations related to possible child abuse