E T S Praxis Series

Computerized Pre-Professional Skills Test: Reading (5710)

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About This Test

The Computerized Pre-Professional Skills Test in Reading measures the ability to understand, analyze, and evaluate written messages. Varying in difficulty, the reading material is drawn from a variety of subject areas and real–life situations that educated adults are likely to encounter. Each passage is followed by questions that are based on its content and that relate to a variety of reading skills. All questions can be answered by using information contained within the passage; no question requires outside knowledge of the content.

The test consists of three types of stimulus material: long passages of approximately 200 words with 4 to 7 questions, short passages of approximately 100 words with 2 or 3 questions, and brief statements followed by a single question. Passages are drawn from both print and electronic media, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, nonfiction books, novels, online articles, and visual representations. Questions in each of the three formats may pose tasks of varying difficulty and test any of the skills identified in the Topics Covered section.

For each form of the test that you take, 40 of the questions will be used for scoring, and 6 will be used as pretest questions and will not be scored.

This test may contain some questions that will not count toward your score.