E T S Praxis Series

Computerized Pre-Professional Skills Test: Reading (5710)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below.

Current section: II. Critical and Inferential Comprehension

II. Critical and Inferential Comprehension

Critical and inferential comprehension content measures the ability to evaluate a reading selection and its messages. There are three types of questions:

  1. argument evaluation questions involve determining the strengths and weaknesses of arguments in a reading selection, determining the relevance of evidence presented in the reading selection to the assertions made in the selection, or judging if material presented is fact or opinion
  1. inferential reasoning questions involve drawing inferences and implications from the directly stated content of a reading selection, determining the logical assumptions underlying a selection, or determining the authorís attitude toward the material discussed
  1. generalization questions involve recognizing situations that are similar to the material in a reading selection, drawing conclusions about the material in a selection, or applying ideas from the selection to new situations