E T S Praxis Series

Computerized Pre-Professional Skills Test: Writing (5720)

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Topics Covered

Representative descriptions of topics covered in each category are provided below.

*In the multiple-choice section, some questions will not contain an error; such questions are considered No Error questions. All of the No Error questions will be reported in Category III.*

Current section: IV. Essay

IV. Essay

  1. Write an essay that is appropriate for the assigned task and for an audience of educated adults
  1. Organize and develop ideas logically, making clear connections between them
  1. Provide and sustain a clear focus or thesis
  1. Use supporting reasons, examples, and details to develop clearly and logically the ideas presented in the essay
  1. Demonstrate facility in the use of language and the ability to use a variety of sentence structures
  1. Construct effective sentences that are generally free of errors in standard written English