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Commitment to Research

ETS maintains the highest commitment to research of any organization operating in the field of educational assessment, and we devote more resources to research than all of our competitors combined.

ETS has pioneered educational measurement research and analysis, innovative product development and original policy studies. Through these activities, we are able to enhance policy discussions with scientifically based research in such areas as:

  • classroom and end-of-course assessments
  • teacher quality
  • school leadership
  • the achievement gap

A New Generation of Tests

ETS researchers have pioneered computer-based testing, which allows for more test question innovation, more convenient scheduling and faster score reporting for test takers.

Advanced versions of computer-based tests, including some that use multimedia questions and simulations, can assess qualities beyond the reach of conventional paper-and-pencil tests.

Today, major ETS tests, including the GRE® and TOEFL® tests and many of the Praxis® tests, are being delivered on computers.

Innovative Technologies for Learning

We also developed the Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service, a web-based application that evaluates a student's writing skills and provides instant score reporting and diagnostic feedback to both the instructor and student. Based on research in the area of natural language processing, the Criterion Service is used in high schools and colleges throughout the country for diagnostic and placement purposes.

Today, ETS researchers are using emerging technologies and advances in cognitive science to explore new approaches to understanding and measuring intellectual and emotional abilities, and to better integrate assessment and instruction.

Watch our video, Positioning Educational Assessment for the 21st Century (Flash, 12:09/58.4MB).

Visit the Research section of our website for more information about ETS's research activities and capabilities.

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NAEP and ETSETS has assisted the NAEP program in introducing numerous psychometric and assessment design innovations over the years.

How ETS Develops Test Questions

How ETS Develops Test Questions

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