A Measured Response: Americans Speak on Education Reform

May 2001

Americans are demanding both increased federal funding and greater accountability in public education, according to a nationwide opinion survey commissioned by ETS and conducted by Democratic pollster Peter Hart and Republican pollster Robert Teeter.

A Measured Response: Americans Speak on Education Reform is among the most comprehensive studies done to date of public, parental, educator and policymaker attitudes toward standards-based reform and the role of testing in the effort to achieve accountability in America's education system.

In the survey, respondents:

  • give the nation's schools a grade of "C"
  • say more money is needed to hire and retain more highly qualified teachers, reduce class sizes, and build and repair school facilities
  • support standards for student achievement; testing students to measure their success in meeting those standards; and holding teachers and administrators accountable for student learning
  • believe the benefits of testing outweigh the concerns

The report and excerpts are available for downloading:

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