For Test Takers

TOEFL® Tip: The Complete Writing Checklist

Use these exercises as a checklist to prepare for the writing section of the TOEFL iBT™ test.

  • Increase vocabulary and knowledge of idiomatic speech so you can use it appropriately.
  • Learn grammatical structures so that you can use them naturally when writing.
  • Learn the conventions of spelling, punctuation and layout (e.g., paragraph creation).
  • Express information in an organized manner, displaying unity of thought and coherence.
  • Use signal words and phrases, such as "On the one hand" or "In conclusion," to create a clear structure for your response.
  • As you practice, ask yourself these questions:
    • Did I complete the task? Did I write clearly?
    • Did I make grammatical errors?
    • Did I use words correctly?
    • Did I organize my ideas clearly and coherently?
    • Did I use the time effectively?

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