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July 2013


Praxis™ Registration is now open for 2013–2014 with more opportunities than ever before

You'll also find a number of new program enhancements for the 2013–2014 testing year on the Praxis™ website, including:

Expanded Computer Offerings
Computer-delivered testing now serves 90 percent of Praxis test takers with 64 test titles available by computer. A total of 76 titles will be available by the end of 2013–2014. By the end of the 2014–2015 testing year, the Praxis program will be 100 percent computerized.

New and Updated Tests
The Praxis program will be rolling out 13 new, refreshed or customized assessments in the 2013–2014 testing year. Nine of the new tests have been redesigned to align to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), including Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, and Praxis II® Mathematics and English Language Arts tests for Middle School and Secondary Education. States may have established new passing scores for these tests, so please have your teacher candidates review their state's test requirements for the latest information.

Extended Testing Windows
Candidates now have two-week windows to take their computer-delivered test, which provides candidates with more test date options. Testing windows for World Language tests are available in a one-week testing window. Visit the Praxis website to find out which tests are offered in each testing window as not all tests are offered in every testing window.

Expanded Network
Your candidates now have more test date options. The Prometric™ Test Center network now includes 500 computerized test centers, and additional sites are being established to best accommodate test-taking needs.

More Individualized Access to Data
New web-based methods are now available for states and institutions to retrieve institutional and candidate score report data. These platforms allow institutions to retrieve their scores more quickly, in a user-friendly format and without the need for separate software.

For more information on the 2013–2014 testing year, including state test requirements, registration and test preparation, visit the Praxis website. | Praxis™ Home | ETS store | Contact




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