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March 2014


Introducing the Praxis® Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT)

Pilot testing for the Praxis® Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT) is well underway. ETS plans to score performances in May and conduct a multistate standard-setting study in early summer so that the program will be fully operational in the fall.

The PPAT evidence-centered assessment features four tasks and offers performance indicators of a teacher candidate's effectiveness in the classroom. Candidates complete one formative task to be scored by local faculty and three summative tasks that will be centrally scored.

All four tasks must be completed and submitted during the student teaching experience. The task-by-task results and ongoing feedback upon individual submission of tasks provide a comprehensive picture of a candidate's growth and potential for classroom success, rather than the "single snapshot" offered by other assessments where all tasks are submitted at the end of a candidate's clinical experience.

PPAT was developed by ETS in collaboration with teacher education faculty, cooperating teachers and State Department of Education officials. This assessment helps measure the knowledge, skills and abilities that classroom practitioners deem essential for effective teaching. It aligns to Model Core Teaching Standards as determined by the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC). PPAT fosters an opportunity to demonstrate the application of Common Core State Standards and guides students through the creation of a professional growth plan to inform their performance on the job.

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