Discover the outcomes assessment that can benefit your college or university in so many ways

The ETS® Proficiency Profile is the only objective test of academic skills that:

  • measures all four general education skills you value — reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics — in a single, convenient test
  • delivers two types of reliable, powerful and actionable data — norm- and criterion-referenced scores
  • is backed by more than 60 years of ETS experience in creating high-quality, research-based assessments

Using the ETS Proficiency Profile to assess your program can help you:

  • meet requirements for accreditation and accountability initiatives
  • evaluate and inform teaching and learning with actionable score reports
  • gauge program effectiveness with comparative data on hundreds of thousands of students and their institutions nationwide
  • simplify testing through convenient testing options
  • get the hard evidence you need to make important decisions

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ETS now offers special data reports through a subscription to provide you with unlimited access to easy-to-use special reports that provide usable data to help evaluate and inform teaching and learning. These special data reports can be used for internal and external benchmarking, curriculum enhancement, accreditation purposes and continuous improvement initiatives.

Flexible subscription options range from a premium package that includes all three new special reports to individual subscriptions with unlimited access to a special report of your choice. Customize the data from the special report(s) to meet your institution's needs and get the hard evidence you need to help make important decisions.

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You can feel confident that no other product offers as many testing options while providing the highest quality data to meet your general education assessment needs and accreditation requirements. Help your institution tell its story with scores that give it a powerful advantage in the highly competitive academic market.


Four Skills. One Test.
The ETSProficiency Profile Does It All

The ETS Proficiency Profile can help you measure student learning outcomes while making the best use of your resources.

"The test has the student demonstrate knowledge, comprehension, application and synthesis of a variety of skills. Such an approach allows institutions to address the complex demonstrations of skills."

Dr. Hazel A. Ervin, Former Director of General Education and Associate Professor of English, Morehouse College