What Is the EAP?

Why wait until taking the EPT and ELM to find out what subjects you need to brush up on and which topics you already excel in? The Early Assessment Program (EAP) is designed to help high school juniors and seniors improve weak areas and polish strong ones by the time they begin taking classes at CSU.

Why It Works

The EAP tests are augmented California Standards Tests (CSTs) in 11th-grade English and mathematics; these tests are part of California's public school testing and accountability system and are required of all students. The augmented tests are developed by CSU faculty, who make sure the CSU placement standards are covered.

Get in the Know

After you take the test, you will receive a score report that tells you whether you need additional preparation for college-level work or meet CSU's requirements for freshman math and English courses. Visit CSU's Success website for available tools to help you pinpoint your individual strengths and weaknesses. If you need more time to prepare, you have your entire senior year to do so.