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Expect more from your Educator Assessment Program.

Committed to Teaching and Learning

From great teachers come great learners. That's why as a non-profit company, ETS is committed to providing quality assessments as well as the research that supports these assessments and informs innovation in new assessments.

With seven decades of experience working with education stakeholders, ETS delivers a national and custom state educator licensure and certification assessment programs that provide information on an educator's skill and knowledge so states, agencies, educator preparation programs and school districts can make informed decisions.

Offering unparalleled client support, ETS helps you solve complex education challenges to meet today's emerging licensure needs.

National State Solutions

Providing national assessments including the Praxis® tests, School Leadership Series assessments, PPAT® Assessment, Parapro Assessment and ProEthica® program.

Custom State Solutions

Creating customized licensure programs to meet a state’s specific licensure needs.

Research and Development

Designing, developing and studying assessments that measure teaching quality.

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Best Practices for Developing an RFI/RFP

Get tips for comparing licensure assessment programs and learn how to craft an RFI or RFP that meets your licensure needs.