Custom State Solutions

ETS offers unsurpassed flexibility, guidance and support to create, manage and stand behind customized state-level educator assessment programs. Our research-driven approach combines client input, expert advisors, external standards and benchmarks for tests that are valid, reliable, fair and of high quality.

We have produced more than 180 licensure assessments, including basic skills tests, subject tests and large-scale assessment programs for the U.S. Department of Education, the College Board®, the states of California, Virginia, Texas, Washington, Kentucky and dozens of other states and large districts. Our clients also have the ability to customize certain sections of a Praxis® exam.

As a partner to states, we follow their procedures for:

  • Engaging state educators in committee review
  • Actual item writing
  • Rubric development
  • Data analysis
  • Test score interpretation
  • Test item prototyping to best measure test-takers knowledge and abilities

Due to ETS's experience, our clients typically accept more than 90 percent of our items on the first review. Once an exam is written, we continue innovation using new item types, score reports, data management tools and user support mechanisms.

Learn more about what we’ve done for these individual states.

The California Teacher Performance Assessment

The California Teacher Performance Assessment, or CalTPA, is a custom, pre-service performance assessment currently used by over 70 percent of California Institutions of Higher Education for program exit. Based on the California Teaching Performance Expectations, this assessment consists of four sets of activities, embedded throughout the preparation program, that provide both formative and summative feedback to teacher candidates and their preparation programs. Learn more about CalTPA

Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE®)

The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE®) is Georgia's state-approved educator certification assessment program. The GACE assessments are taken by individuals seeking admission to an educator preparation program, seeking educator certification in the state of Georgia and/or seeking to become highly qualified in a core academic subject. Learn more about the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE®)

Kentucky Specialty Test of Instructional and Administrative Practices

Kentucky had long administered and scored its own test to measure candidates for the principals' certificate in Kentucky-specific statutes and regulations. At the request of the State, ETS took over the administration of that test. This process included the development of additional test items, a move to computer delivery and reporting on the Praxis platform. Learn more about the Kentucky Specialty Test of Instructional and Administrative Practices

Missouri Performance Assessments

ETS has developed four portfolio assessments based on Missouri standards to demonstrate performance in content coursework and clinical experience. The four areas of assessment are Teacher Candidate, School Leader, School Librarian and School Counselor. Learn more about the Missouri Performance Assessments

Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Core Assessment

Pennsylvania modified its middle school license to require teachers to demonstrate general knowledge in all four core subject areas and also more in-depth knowledge of at least two additional areas. In response, ETS is developing tests that will satisfy Pennsylvania’s specific licensure needs.

Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE)

The Virginia Department of Education contracted with ETS to develop new reading assessments for Virginia educators. One assessment, the RVE: Elementary Education and Special Education test, is a requirement for teachers seeking an initial endorsement in Elementary Education PK–3, Elementary Education PK–6, Special Education-General Curriculum, Special Education-Hearing Impairments and Special Education-Visual Impairments. The second assessment, the RVE: Reading Specialist test, is a requirement for individuals seeking the Reading Specialist license. These assessments were first administered in July 2011, and replace the Virginia Reading Assessment (VRA).

Texas Educator Certification Program

The Texas Educator Certification program is a comprehensive and customized certification program required of educators seeking certification to perform satisfactorily on comprehensive examinations to ensure that each educator has the content and professional knowledge necessary for an entry-level position in Texas public schools. ETS develops and administers this program on behalf of the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Learn more about Texas Education Certification

Washington ProTeach Portfolio

ETS has developed the nation's first end-to-end state customized online portfolio assessment for Washington State professional certification. The Washington ProTeach Portfolio is an evidence-based assessment program designed for teachers seeking the Washington professional certificate. The ProTeach Portfolio evaluates teachers on their ability to impact student learning as stated in the three standards and 12 criteria for the professional certificate approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB). Learn more about the Proteach Portfolio


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