Effectiveness and Innovation

Demonstrating teacher effectiveness is more important now than ever before. ETS is leading innovation in the field of educator assessment and certification. We have been partnering with states and associations to develop the standards that are needed to identify classroom leaders, and are also conducting the research necessary to demonstrate teacher effectiveness.

Professional Certification

Online Training and Certification System for Classroom Observers

The Framework for Teaching Proficiency System offers a complete research-based online solution for training and testing observers to accurately assess teaching practice — an essential foundation in preparing for teacher evaluations. The partnership between ETS, Teachscape, the leader in delivering web-based professional learning content, innovative technologies, and expert services to improve teaching practice, and Charlotte Danielson, the developer of the Framework for Teaching, offers a complete research-based online solution that includes three video-rich components integrated into a single easy-to-use system. Each component of the Proficiency System includes master-scored videos at all levels of performance.

  1. Framework for Teaching — Observer Training
  2. Framework for Teaching — Scoring Practice
  3. Framework for Teaching — Proficiency Test

With over 100 authentic and master-scored classroom videos, the Framework for Teaching Proficiency System focuses on the practical application of Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching (2011 Revised Edition) to observational evaluation. The Framework for Teaching Proficiency System develops the skills and expertise of classroom observers so their ability to make judgments of teaching practice is strengthened.

Professional Licensure Project

ETS has launched an innovative three-year project to design and develop a new generation of assessment and evaluation tools and processes for incorporation into the requirements of professional teaching licensure, for the purpose of becoming part of a state's robust system of measuring teacher effectiveness. In partnership with 12 states, the project includes three classes of instruments that are designed to detect the knowledge and skills teachers actually use to help students learn:

  1. content knowledge for teaching
  2. observation of classroom practice
  3. artifacts of teaching

Moving to incorporate these measures into the requirements for the professional teaching license will support stakeholders' efforts to make employment and professional development decisions aligned with the goal of giving all students access to excellent teaching.

Washington ProTeach Portfolio >

ETS has developed the nation’s first end-to-end state customized online portfolio assessment for Washington State professional teacher certification. The Washington ProTeach Portfolio is an evidence-based assessment program designed for teachers seeking the Washington professional certificate. The ProTeach Portfolio evaluates teachers on their ability to impact student learning as stated in the three standards and 12 criteria for the professional certificate approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB).

Innovation in Teacher Assessment

Content Knowledge for Teaching >

ETS research scientists and assessment experts have been working with colleagues from the University of Michigan to develop, research and refine assessments focused on the knowledge that teachers need to effectively engage in critical tasks of teaching, what we refer to as Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT). Built on 25 years of research, CKT is emerging as a powerful tool for measuring the content knowledge used in teaching. In order to better understand how use of CKT questions might improve measurement of content knowledge in licensure tests, planning is underway to pilot CKT questions in an optional section of some Praxis II® tests and for the purpose of professional licensure assessments.

Teaching in the World of Virtual K–12 Learning Challenges to Ensure Educator Quality >

This ETS report takes a look at the current status of Online Teacher Education and Professional Development, and the virtual K–12 teaching and learning. The report exams the various contexts and dimensions of online learning, various categories and models of online delivery systems and recent and projected trends in online learning.

Leadership Assessment and Certification

School Leadership Series >

The School Leadership Series, aligned to the most current ISLLC Standards, was developed to provide a thorough, fair and carefully validated assessment for states to use as part of the licensure process for principals, superintendents and school leaders. The School Leadership Series is composed of the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA), the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA), the Kentucky Specialty Test of Instructional and Administrative Practices, and the Instructional Facilitator Test.

Teacher Leader Model Standards >

The Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium, a national group funded by ETS, created model standards to stimulate dialogue among teaching professionals about what constitutes the knowledge, skills and competencies that teachers need to assume teacher leadership roles in their schools, districts and the profession. The Consortium was formed more than two years ago to explore opportunities to provide meaningful positions for teacher leaders in the nation’s schools. It focuses on teachers who seek leadership roles, but who do not want to leave the classroom.


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