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About the EXADEP Test

For 50 years, the EXADEP test has been used by colleges and universities to evaluate test takers for admission to graduate and professional programs taught in Spanish. This test measures verbal aptitude, mathematics, analytical reasoning, written expression and English as a foreign language.

Who Takes the EXADEP Test?

Students take the test for admission to graduate, professional or scholarship programs where the language of instruction is in Spanish.

When and Where Do People Take It?

The EXADEP test is administered as a paper-delivered test in the United States, Puerto Rico, Latin America and Europe. There are seven test administrations given annually in August, October, December, February, March, May and June.

Who Accepts it?

Graduate schools and scholarship programs in Puerto Rico, Latin America, Europe and U.S. mainland institutions with programs taught in Spanish receive EXADEP scores and use them in the graduate admissions process to:

  • supplement undergraduate records
  • provide a standardized measure for comparing applicants
  • aid in evaluating grades and letters of recommendation

Promotional Links

50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 years of the EXADEP Test.