Get an EXADEP™ Information and Registration Bulletin

EXADEP Bulletin

Download a copy of the Boletín de Información e Instrucciones del examen EXADEP2016–2017. The EXADEP Bulletin contains information about the test and related services, as well as policies and procedures for taking the test during the 2016–2017 testing year (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017). The EXADEP Bulletin includes:

  • Registration instructions*
  • Test dates and deadlines
  • Fees and payment policies
  • Identification (ID) requirements
  • Test center procedures
  • Score reporting information
  • General policies

* The official registration form is a scannable document and is not available in electronic format. You must send an email to and provide your name and address to receive the form by mail.