About the EXADEP™ Test

Examen de Admisión a Estudios de Posgrado™ (EXADEP™) measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical reasoning skills. Test scores can be used by admissions offices or fellowship panels to help predict a test taker's performance in graduate school.

The EXADEP test contains five sections. Four of the five sections are given in Spanish and measure vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, mathematics, analytical reasoning and written expression. The fifth section is in English and measures vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension.

Who Should Take the EXADEP Test?

Spanish-speaking students applying for admission to graduate, professional or scholarship programs where the language of instruction is in Spanish take the test.

How are EXADEP Test Scores Used?

Graduate schools and scholarship programs in Puerto Rico, Latin America, Spain and U.S. mainland institutions receive EXADEP scores and use them to:

  • supplement undergraduate records
  • provide a standardized measure for comparing applicants
  • aid in evaluating grades and making recommendations

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