Helping Students Prepare

EXADEP™ Information and Registration Bulletin

The 2013–14 EXADEP™ Bulletin provides information about the EXADEP test, policies and procedures for testing and EXADEP services and publications. The policies and procedures contained in the Bulletin are in effect from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014.

EXADEP Test Preparation

ETS offers test preparation resources for educators who help prospective test takers. And if you advise students, it's important to encourage them to use the FREE and low-cost test preparation materials provided by ETS, so they can feel ready on test day.

To help students get acquainted with the structure and content of the EXADEP test, there are free sample questions for students to review:

In addition, students can purchase the EXADEP Study Guide to help them prepare for the test. The Study Guide contains sample practice questions and a full-length practice test.