Sample Questions

The following questions are similar to those in the test, but do not represent the full range of content or levels of difficulty.

During the test you will select the best answer for each question and fill in the appropriate space on the answer sheet. Do not mark any answers in the test book; your scores are based only on the correct answers marked on your answer sheet.

Because many of the questions need to distinguish between the subtleties of meaning, carefully examine all options before deciding the best answer.

The Sample Test answer key is located at the end of each section.

Verbal Aptitude (Sección 1: Aptitud Verbal)

Mathematics (Sección 2: Matemáticas)

Analytical Reasoning (Sección 3: Razonamiento Analítico)

Written Expression (Sección 4: Expresión Escrita)

English (Sección 5: Inglés)