Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs

Testing accommodations are available for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs (such as physical, visual, hearing, learning and others) who meet ETS requirements. Testing accommodations include large-print test book (18 pt.; answers are marked in the test book), extended testing time, extra breaks, separate testing room, reader, recorder/writer of answers, sign language interpreter (for spoken directions only), oral interpreter (for spoken directions only), written instructions (for spoken directions only) and wheelchair access. Requests must be made prior to the test date. Because each request needs to be individually evaluated, registrations received after the regular registration date cannot be processed. All requests must meet ETS established policies.

Test takers with disabilities or health-related needs must submit the following documents:

  1. Registration form included in the EXADEP™ Bulletin
  2. Testing Accommodations Request Form
  3. A recent evaluation from an authorized professional in the specific area, certifying the nature and disability, and the need for accommodations
  4. Test fee paid in money order or certified check paid to ETS or paid by Credit Card

Note that your registration form will not be processed if you do not include all of the required documents or if it is incomplete.

Approximately two weeks following ETS’s receipt of your documentation, you will receive a letter of determination. Once a testing accommodation has been approved, it is valid for two years and can be referenced when registering for subsequent testing sessions that will be administered within two years of the date of the determination letter.

Testing will take place at the ETS Puerto Rico office in Hato Rey or at available test centers by special request.

There will be no additional charge to test takers requesting testing accommodations. Review ETS's policy on Disabilities and Health-related Needs.