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Sending Your Scores

Your test fee entitles you to send up to two free score reports to the graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors you designate. You will be asked to designate your free score recipients during registration. If you do not designate score recipients during registration, you will need to complete an Additional Score Report Form and pay the necessary fee to have your scores sent after the administration.

Reportable History

The EXADEP test scores are part of your reportable history for five years after your test administration.

Your Official Score Record

Your official score report will include your name, address, gender, date of birth, your designated recipients, test date and your EXADEP test scores. Your score report is intended only for your information and personal records.

The score report(s) sent to your designated recipient(s) will include your name, gender, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security number (if applicable), test date and EXADEP test scores.

Additional Score Reports

If after taking the test you want to send scores to other institutions than those you designated during registration, you must complete the Additional Score Report Form. The cost for each additional score report is US$20. If scores for the test administration have been reported, scores will be mailed within 10 to 15 business days after receipt of the request. If scores for the test administration have not been reported, your scores will be mailed on or after the published score-reporting date. Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled, changed or refunded. Changes to your mailing address cannot be processed through this service.

Rush Reporting

If scores for the test administration have been reported, you can have additional score reports mailed within one to two business days after receipt of the request for a fee of US$45 per report (plus tax, if applicable).