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The Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center (FLICC) provides technical assistance to state educational agencies to improve educational outcomes and close achievement gaps. Learn more about FLICC

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Strategic Performance Management

FLICC is engaging the Virgin Islands Department of Education in Strategic Performance Management. Recently, DOE Executives, FLICC and the comprehensive center network helped the U.S. Virgin Islands' to strike a new course of action.
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In addition, FLICC will support and facilitate the revision and implementation of the state’s Equity Plan to make certain that all students have access to effective educators in all schools. All efforts will lead to improving the educator evaluation system and increase student achievement. FLICC support includes attending evaluation orientations, providing debriefing and offering recommendations for improving the orientations and system, data collection and analysis, revision of documents, and attending the Secretary’s executive staff meetings to stay abreast of all initiatives related to the Teacher and Principal Evaluation system.

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