As the fourth-most populous state in the union, Florida encompasses 67 counties. In Florida, each county is its own school district, which given the diversity and size of the counties, creates unique technical assistance needs for each of the 67 school districts, five regions, and the state as a whole. Florida has approximately 2.7 million students. During the 2010–2011 school year, Florida’s student demographics were 43 percent white, 28 percent Hispanic, 23 percent African American, and 6 percent other races — 10 percent of which were classified as English-language learners, as per the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) in 2012.

Management Plans

The Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center’s (FLICC) work in Florida continually develops based on the most pressing needs of the state’s students. In year two, the 2013–2014 school year, the work focuses on two areas: implementing the new Florida standards and turning around the lowest-performing schools. Learn more about management plans


New Florida Standards Implementation: FLICC leverages previous work with standards implementation to comprehensively target implementation of the new Florida standards across the state with a focus on rural areas. FLICC staff will partner with the FLDOE to provide support for strategic planning, research, professional development and other services to improve instruction in schools statewide based on the new standards, their instructional shifts, and the other considerations necessary for successful transitions to college and careers using the new standards. Learn more about standards implementation

School Turnaround: FLICC leverages previous work with lesson study to target the lowest performing schools in the state. FLICC staff will partner with the FLDOE to provide professional development to improve instruction in schools that received a grade of “F” in 2012 (based on the Florida accountability system). In addition, FLICC will work with the FLDOE to leverage Race to the Top funding in order to improve the School Improvement Plan submission process. Also, we will assist the FLDOE in reviewing their policies for supporting schools in need of improvement. Learn more about school turnaround


Professional development in the areas of standards implementation and lesson study are being scheduled. Learn more about events for Florida