Florida Initiatives

Data-Driven School Improvement (Title I)

This project will use data in novel ways to help districts and schools improve student learning. For this project, the Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center (FLICC) will provide three tiers of support to three school districts in Florida. FLICC will provide data (Tier 1) via a districtwide introduction of data portfolios; guide improvement strategy selection (Tier 2) by helping schools select and design improvement strategies; and guide implementation (Tier 3) by coaching operational execution and refining the chosen improvement strategies.

Instructional Leadership (Title II)

In Florida's 35 rural districts (more than half of the districts in Florida), there has been a high turnover in administrative positions in schools, which leaves many personnel in those positions lacking the experience and training necessary to do the job. To address this issue, FLICC is partnering with the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) and the rural Tri-consortia to provide professional learning opportunities for instructional leadership in rural areas at four different locations in the state. This will be a comprehensive and intensive series of sessions focusing on what is necessary for successful instructional leadership in rural schools. This project will include both face-to-face sessions and follow-ups via online Communities of Practice to raise the bar for instructional leadership in rural areas.

English Learners (Title III)

This initiative focuses on an online approach to support the achievement of English learners. To this end, FLICC is supporting the conversion of FDOE teacher trainings to a series of e-learning courses in order to build state capacity and give teachers, schools and districts 24/7 access to the training (instead of once per year).

Restorative Practices (Title IV)

In many of Florida's districts, the disparities between minorities and non-minorities in discipline referrals and access to advanced academic courses prevent success in preparing for college and future careers. This initiative partners with the FDOE and the Equity Assistance Center-South in an aim to close this gap by providing much-needed awareness and training in restorative justice practices for the educational leadership across the state of Florida.

Career and Technical Education (Title V)

This initiative continues FLICC’s ongoing focus to promote equity for rural areas. The project begins by comprehensively working with CTE teachers and administrators to access the needs of the rural areas under the three rural consortia. After analyzing the results, areas requiring professional development will be determined. FLICC will then partner with the FDOE to provide in-person training for several cluster areas (e.g., Agri-Science, IT, etc.) and a series of sessions on the general topics of need (e.g., differentiating instruction), which will take place at various Florida venues. In addition, this initiative will facilitate online interactions for CTE teachers and offer online classes during the summer months.