School Turnaround

As more and more schools slip into improvement status in Florida, additional avenues for supporting these low-performing schools need to be sought. In response, the Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center (FLICC) leverages previous work with lesson study to target the lowest performing schools in the state.

To maximize effectiveness in this effort, FLICC is collaborating with the Florida Department of Education’s (FLDOE) Access to the Common Core for Exceptional Student Success project and the South East Regional Resource Center to share resources and pool funding, to provide targeted lesson study and professional development for low-performing schools. In addition, this collaboration established a Transformation Zone (based on the work of Fixsen and colleagues’ 2005 research in implementation science) that involved the FLDOE, two Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), and multiple special education cluster sites to investigate whether lesson study could also improve instructional quality at those sites. For both the professional development and the Transformation Zone, FLICC provided materials developed by the Developmental Studies Center, a nonprofit research organization based in California, to make lesson study implementation more tangible for LEAs, low-performing schools and the Transformation Zone sites.

In addition to the lesson study collaboration, FLICC is funding the development and improvement of a web-based platform to improve the efficiency of the School Improvement Planning process and manage other data collection (and sharing) processes. This technology solution coupled with a thorough review of the FLDOE’s requirement for low-performing schools promises to produce further efficiencies at the FLDOE and streamline their school turnaround efforts.

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