Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

The Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center (FLICC) is assisting the Virgin Islands Department of Education (VIDE) in building state capacity to develop a comprehensive teacher and leader evaluation system, the Virgin Islands Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System (VITaLE).

FLICC staff is facilitating the VITaLE Task Force appointed by the VIDE commissioner to develop an evaluation system that is aligned with major initiatives, including the Education System Improvement Process (eSIP) and those outlined in the Consolidated Grant Application. The VITaLE Task Force is comprised of the major stakeholders: State Education Agency, local education agencies, school administrators, teachers, as well as representatives from the American Federation of Teachers and Education Administrators Association/American Federation of School Administrators unions, VI Board of Education and the University of the Virgin Islands. The projected time frame for the VITaLE project is three years (2012–2015).

The VITaLE in conjunction with eSIP will work to improve achievement for all students by:

  • creating a system of support that ensures all students have the opportunity to learn from effective teachers and leaders
  • creating improvement plans based on state priorities that meet program and budget requirements and timelines, and that identify responsibilities at all levels
  • developing a system of rewards and support for schools based on their progress
  • establishing a continuous system to monitor and assess progress on eSIP goals
  • increasing communication between the state, districts and schools
  • providing training for teachers and leaders and involving them in tracking achievement of goals

For more information on the VITaLE teacher and leader evaluation system see the USVI 2013–2014 VITaLE Management Plan.

For more information on this initiative, please contact April Munroe Phillips at aphillipsdelta@hotmail.com.