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2012–2014 Global Institute Highlights

During the years 2012–2014, the Global Institute (GI) program grew in prominence as an important resource for government agencies interested in providing development opportunities for their leadership and staff. Over 250 professionals from 17 different countries participated in the program over the past two years, which included groups and individuals from Armenia, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kenya, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Republic of Georgia, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam. The GI training courses offered these groups an opportunity to build assessment expertise for each of these countries and enhance the value of services provided to their respective customers.

Program highlights during 2012–2014 included:

  • initiation of a contract with the World Bank to provide customized training on large-scale testing topics to Ethiopian test developers
  • development of a performance assessment course to an international group, consisting of representatives of Ministries of Education and other governmental agencies from Indonesia and Chile
    • The course participants were a diverse group of professionals representing eight countries.
  • implementation of a training program with three parallel sessions, featuring overviews of psychometric methods, national assessment and teacher licensure assessment

From the leadership team:

"Capacity building is the goal of the Global Institute. By sharing ETS's expertise in this very specialized area of learning, we provide opportunities for educators and testing professionals around the world to learn from us … and we in turn, to learn from them," says Annabelle Simpson, Director of the Global Institute.

A new feature added to the Global Institute portfolio in 2012 and implemented in the World Bank Ethiopia project was the GI Distance Learning program. This program offers GI clients pre-recorded or live transmitted sessions and video streams through the Internet. The feature was added to allow easier access to sessions, so individuals around the world can receive training anytime, anywhere.

GI continues to offer a valuable, capacity-building program for educational professionals worldwide. The expertise of ETS Assessment Development and Research, Statistical Analysis, and Information Technology experts ensures that the courses delivered are of the highest quality. The willingness of ETS staff, such as Timothy Davey, Research Director; Jennifer Geoghan, Process Administrator; Mary Pitoniak, Strategic Advisor; Barbara Suomi, Assessment Specialist; and Michael Zieky, Distinguished Presidential Appointee in Assessment Development, along with the many others who have taken time out of their busy schedules to share their expertise, is what makes GI a successful enterprise.