The Official GRE® Advisor Kit

Designed especially with your needs in mind, this Official GRE® Advisor Kit will help you guide prospective graduate and business school students to important information on the GRE tests, including everything they need to know about test registration, preparation, sending scores and more! To suit the many ways you communicate with students, you will find a variety of formats below to quickly point them to key, up-to-date information online. Bookmark this page and visit it often for quick access to the latest resources. Let us help you advise your students for GRE test success!

  • GRE Information Bulletin
    • Updated annually, this go-to source contains all the details students will need for test registration, test preparation, test day, getting their scores and more for the current testing year.
    • Download the bulletin
  • GRE Student Presentation
    • Updated February 2017
    • An engaging and informative presentation on what test takers need to know about the GRE® General Test. Present to your students in groups or individually.
    • Download the presentation
  • GRE Student Brochure
    • Updated September 2016
    • The GRE General Test is the only test with features that can help your students do their best. This essential brochure describes how and provides an overview of the test.
    • English Student Brochure
    • Chinese Student Brochure
  • GRE Test Taker Flyer
  • GRE Registration Infographic
  • GRE General Test At a Glance
  • Official GRE Test Prep At a Glance
    • The collection of official test preparation materials for the GRE General Test — for free download or to purchase. Includes two new test prep books with never-before-published practice questions!
    • Download the At a Glance
  • GRE Subject Tests At a Glance
    • Key facts about the GRE® Subject Tests — what they measure, how they are administered, how to prepare and more.
    • Download the At a Glance
    • *The GRE® Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (BCM) Test was discontinued in December 2016. Scores will continue to be reportable for five years following the 2015-16 testing year.
  • GRE Subject Tests At a Glance
    • When advising someone who has been out of school for a while, use this informative flyer that illustrates why getting an advanced degree is a smart move and provides some tips to help them get started with the process.
    • Download the flyer
  • List of All Schools that Accept GRE Scores
    • Thousands of graduate and business schools around the world accept GRE scores for master's, MBA, specialized master's and doctoral programs, and the list grows rapidly. Use this link for access to the most current list.
    • Download the list of schools
  • MBA Programs that Accept GRE Scores
    • View the list of business schools worldwide that accept GRE scores as part of the admissions process for their MBA programs. You can also download the graphic to post on your website.
    • View the list of MBA programs
    • Download the graphic
  • GRE Student Events Graphic
    • View the schedule of upcoming student fairs and webinars where prospective graduate and business school applicants can learn all about GRE tests. You can also download the graphic to post on your website.
    • View the schedule
    • Download the graphic

Remember, to access ALL the latest free GRE materials for quick download, bookmark this Advisor Kit page and visit often!

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