Scorelink® Internet Delivery Service

The Scorelink® Internet Delivery Service delivers GRE® scores to institutions electronically, saving delivery and download time.

ETS loads your institution's scores on a secure server, which triggers an email to the address your institution supplies. The email tells you the scores are available and it contains a URL linking to the location of the scores. The file can then be saved to your system and the data processed.

The score report pick-up process can also be automated.

Encryption software is used to ensure the security of all score data. The encryption method is subject to change in the future. Your institution must provide ETS with your public key, which is used to encrypt the scores. Your institution also must provide ETS with an email address — either for an individual or a mailbox accessible by multiple users — to ensure timely receipt of the notification email.

After the Scorelink service is set up, you receive an email each time score data becomes available. Electronic files are created twice a week — the same frequency as paper score reports. Scores will remain on the server for 330 days after the notification email has been released.


To Order the Scorelink Service

Please email ETS at and type "GRE Scorelink Sign-up" on the subject line.

Include the following information:

  • institution name and four-digit GRE institution code
  • email address for score-delivery notification
  • names, phone numbers and email addresses for the primary and secondary institutional contacts
  • institution's public encryption key (include as an attachment)

For help, please call ETS Code Control at 1-609-771-7091 or email

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