The ScoreSelectSM Option

The GRE® Program continues to make enhancements to provide added value to institutions that accept GRE scores and to encourage more people to pursue graduate or business school. In 2011, we introduced the GRE® revised General Test, the largest change in GRE history. That launch included the new test-taker friendly design, which received enthusiastic feedback from test takers worldwide. In 2012, we introduced the ScoreSelectSM option along with new free test preparation materials to continue to help people take a decisive step toward graduate or business school.

The ScoreSelect option lets GRE test takers decide which scores to send to the institutions they designate. Now, they can approach test day with more confidence knowing they can send the scores they feel reflect their personal best.

Here's how it works:

On test day, when viewing their scores at the test center,* test takers can choose not to send their scores at that time or they can select either option below for each of their four free score reports:

  • Most Recent option — Send their scores from their current test
    administration (FREE).
  • All option — Send their scores from all test administrations in the last
    five years (FREE).

After test day, test takers can send score reports for a fee and select from these options for each report they would like to send:

  • Most Recent option — Send their scores from their most recent test administration.
  • All option — Send their scores from all test administrations in the last five years.
  • Any option — Send their scores from one OR many test administrations in the last five years.

Scores for a test administration must be reported in their entirety. Regardless of whether the test taker chooses the Most Recent, All or Any option, he or she will select specific test administration dates so that their scores are all from the same testing session. Institutions will receive score reports that show the scores that test takers selected to send to them. There will be no special indication if other GRE tests have been taken.

The ScoreSelect option is available for both the GRE revised General Test and GRE® Subject Tests, and can be used by anyone with reportable scores from the last five years.

*Individuals taking the paper-based GRE revised General Test or a GRE Subject Test will select their options prior to test day.

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