Become a GRE® Score User

GRE® test scores can be used by admissions or fellowship panels to supplement undergraduate records and other qualifications for graduate-level study. The scores provide common measures for comparing the qualifications of applicants and aid in the evaluation of grades and recommendations.

Institutions that award graduate degrees and non-degree-granting organizations that award graduate fellowships are qualified to be score users. Institutions and organizations that do not meet either one of these requirements may not be eligible to be score users, but the GRE Board retains the right to make exceptions to this policy in special circumstances. In addition, undergraduate institutions can apply to receive GRE scores of their undergraduate students.

To become a GRE score user, please complete and submit the appropriate online form:

For more information about how your institution can begin receiving GRE scores, please contact GRE Code Control at 1-609-771-7091 or

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