GRE® Fee Guarantee Service

ETS offers Fee Guarantee vouchers for organizations that wish to pay GRE® test fees on behalf of sponsored examinees. Participating organizations can order vouchers which they then distribute directly to their applicants. Vouchers carry the name of your organization and are valid only during the testing year in which they are ordered (July 1–June 30). The vouchers cover the test registration fee and standby fee, as applicable. All other fees, services and publications are not covered.

After the applicant's voucher is accepted and processed by ETS, you will receive an itemized invoice according to the following fee schedule.

GRE® revised General Test:

US$195 — Test Registration Fee
US$50 — Standby Registration Fee (paper-based test only)

GRE® Subject Tests:

US$150 — Test Registration Fee
US$50 — Standby Registration Fee

Fee Guarantee Voucher Surcharge:

In addition to the test fees, an administrative surcharge of US$1 per voucher will be assessed to cover the cost of tracking the vouchers and billing.

Payment must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.

If you have questions or would like to order Fee Guarantee vouchers, please contact the GRE Fee Reduction Office:


See the 2013–2014 GRE® Information and Registration Bulletin, for more information on how students can register for the GRE revised General Test or Subject Tests using the voucher.


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