GRE® Policies

Canceling Your Scores

At the end of the test, you will be given the option to cancel your scores. You cannot cancel your score for one section of the test and have the scores for the remaining sections reported. Although you have the option to cancel your scores, consider very carefully before doing so because the score reporting choices available with the ScoreSelect® option let you decide which scores to send to the schools you designate. Your scores will be reported to GRE® score recipients only at your request. If you cancel your scores, they will NOT be reported to you or any score recipients and no refund will be made. Canceled scores are not added to your permanent record. If you wish to take the test again, you must reregister and submit another test payment.

Once you view your scores at a computer-delivered GRE® revised General Test session, you cannot cancel them at a later date.

Score Reinstatement — Fee US$50

Scores canceled by you can be reinstated if your request is received at ETS within 60 days after your test date. You may fax or mail a completed Score Reinstatement Form with payment to ETS. In addition to providing your name, date of birth and daytime phone number, you will need your test date and registration number to complete the form.

Also, you can designate up to four free score recipients on the form. Include the appropriate department codes and indicate what scores you want sent. With the ScoreSelect option, you can select to send scores from your most recent or all administrations from the last five years for each of your four free score reports. Scores for a test administration must be reported in their entirety. Regardless of whether you choose the Most Recent or All option, you will select specific test administration dates so your scores are all from the same testing session. If you do not select score recipients, you will have to pay US$27 per recipient to have scores sent at a later date.

Scores will be reinstated and reported approximately two weeks after your request for the computer-delivered test or on the approximate score report mailing date for the paper-delivered test. Your scores will be mailed to you and your designated score recipients shortly thereafter.

Absence from a Test

If you are absent from a test administration, you will forfeit your test fee. Institutions will not receive any information about your absence or about any previous score you may have on file.


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