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As faculty members, researchers and former higher education administrators, we at nonprofit ETS understand your need to continually do more with less. We've developed a full range of valid and reliable academic assessments and higher education services to help you make the best use of your time and resources. Our research-based products are easy to use and provide decision-critical and comparative data that can contribute to the success of your students and your institution.

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New! ETS® Assessment Insights Workshops

Designed to help faculty and administrators create effective assessment processes and understand the best practices in measuring student learning outcomes, these workshop sessions can be tailored to address your institution’s unique assessment challenges. Participants work with their own data to create an assessment plan that optimizes their institutional resources. Learn more about the ETS Assessment Insights Workshops >

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Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers

This report examines how students transition from graduate school to the world of professional occupations.

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The Value of Higher Education

Get more information about current issues and trends in higher education.

Learn how ETS creates fair, meaningful tests and test questions

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